our vision

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community herbalism

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We envision a community of peace, happiness and vibrant health where people live in harmony with each other, and a community that honors our intrinsic interconnectedness with the wholeness of nature and our impact on the health of the Earth.

Community herbalists are deeply immersed with the people and plants living within the local community and environment. Community herbalism is a heart-centered approach to healthcare and a grounded & humble practice in healing, connecting plants & people. Community herbalism is involved in healing practices that promote the health of all living systems through purposeful action and holistic education rooted in sacred wisdom.

our goals & aspirations

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  • to offer a space where community can come together for reciprocal support, to meet new people, form new bonds and share their stories through celebrations and events

  • to empower, educate & inspire individuals through holistic educational programs

  • to cultivate ecological, food, and social systems that are regenerative

  • to promote healing of the Earth

Sunrhiza provides people with a direct experience of what it means to live a quality of life that is healing on all levels – from ecological sustainability to social justice, personal and emotional health and ultimately to spiritual awareness and appreciation for all life. Our model humbly mirrors the way the ecology functions and operates, in a collective and collaborative manner. Accessibility and ecological sustainability are at the core of our aspirations and mission. This model will function to support community outreach programs that are affordable and accessible to many including support for environmental preservation.



Vitalism Series: Herbalist program

Practical Herbalist Program: AN Experiential LEARNING program

Tree Flute circle: rekindling the spiritual heart