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ESAP: Field Trip to Bernadette Morales Nature Preserve



We are pleased to offer this opportunity for those who wish to venture out from the busyness of the city and spend meaningful time in Nature. We wish to inspire individuals to connect more deeply with the natural environment, and to bring healing to their inner spiritual self. This experience brings an opportunity to meet people & plants and forge new relationships and bonds.

This program will function to bring awareness to the local ecology. We will partner with the local herbalists, botanists, ecologists, and ethnobotanists including organizations such as Preservation and conservation to learn about the local ecosystem.

On this adventure, we will be joined by, Vas Avramidis, a community herbalist, teacher, and artist. He has been studying alternative health for most of his adult life, and has formally studied herbalism at the Herbal Academy of New England, and the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. In addition, Vas has studied foraging, native skills, and ecology at Practical Primitive and Duke Farms.

Vas believes deeply in the communion of all living creatures with their Creator, and strives to fulfill his calling to be nature's priest. His philosophy of Herbalism is harmonic and holistic; he believes that in order to achieve health and joy, a person must make peace with themselves and with the entire creation. Holistic health is about harmony and balance — this is the philosophy that Vas strives to teach and to live out.

Learn more about Vas @ Harmonicherbalism

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Awakenings - Spring is a time of awakening, new growth, and rejuvenation. Trees are coming out of dormancy and perennials are sending up new shoots. The rhythm of the seasons is picking up pace, and so are we. Just like the rest of nature, we too move with the seasons. Our bodies and minds beat with the drum of the seasons, as we awaken both body and mind, putting off the old and sending up new shoots of life.

Join us as we discuss new awakenings, rebirth, and the rhythm of the seasons. We will look at the awakening creation around us as we discuss our own process of detoxification and rejuvenation. We will cover strategies and herbs that will assist us in opening up the channels of elimination to clear out winter's stagnation and bring up spring's new life within. In addition, we will learn about the flow of sap within the awakening trees, and how we can utilize that sap, not only for its culinary use as syrup, but also for its nutritive value.

Our class will take place outdoors at the Bernadette Morales nature preserve in Flemington, NJ. The Morales preserve is a 52 acre tract that is home to many species of plants and wildlife.

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Sunrhiza will provide transportation & travel together in the Sunrhiza Bus

Meetup time @ Radicle Herb Shop: 8:00 am

Departure from Radicle: 8:30 am

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Departure time from Location, returning to Radicle: 3:00pm

Special suggestions: Eat a hearty-breakfast, bring a thermos with water or herbal tea (something nourishing like Nettle, Ginger & Holy Basil), bring lunch (possibly in a Food Container that retains heat for cooked meals), prepare for weather… and prepared for a Fun time!

We will provide supplemental water

Bonus: bring a wood tree-flute to join the birds in song

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