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Shia Skin Care Workshop Series

  • sunrhiza & radicle 394 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn United States (map)

Simply natural! How to utilize herbs in your everyday skincare routine.

Learn ways you can use different forms of herbs and incorporate them into your regimen.


5 week series- 1 1/2 hour class

Participants will be able to take home a DIY product from each class



$195 series

 $45 each class for weeks 1-3

 $55 each class for weeks 4-5

weeks 4-5 together $88

20% off early bird special (date TBD)




Week One:   How to use dried herbs in your skincare routine $45


•   Introduction to using herbs

•   Skin benefits for specific skin issues

•   How to use- Simple  DIY’s (different applications)

•   Tips and Tricks

•   In class DIY - Face Steams (takeaway)



Week Two:  How to use herbal powders to heal and nourish your skin $45


•   Overview of the benefits of herbs for your skin

•   Top powders to use for your skin

•   Targeting specific skin issues

•   How to use- Simple DIY’s (different applications)

•   Tips and Tricks

•   In class DIY- Face Packs (takeaway)


Week Three : How to use herbal infusions/extracts to heal and nourish your skin $45


•   What are infusions and extractions

•   How infusions and extractions are made

•   How to use them in your skincare

•   Benefits of using herbal infusions and extractions

•   In class DIY - choice of Infused body or Infused toners (takeaway)





Week Four: How to safely incorporate essential oils into your skincare products( intro-part 1)$55


•   Introduction to essential oils

•   General overview of Aromatherapy

•   Therapeutic benefits

•   What to look for in quality essential oils

•   How to properly use them

•   How to use- simple DIY’s (different Applications)

•   Best essential oils for skincare

•   In class DIY - Inhalers (takeaway)



Week Five:  How to choose the right essential oils for your skin(Advanced part 2) $55


•   Misconceptions about Essential Oils

•   Most common skin issues

•   Essential oils for different skin issues

•   How to boost your DIY’s with essential oils

•   Easy blending tips

•   In class DIY- Roll-ons (takeaway)

Shia Skin Care Workshop: Full Series
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