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Herbal Bone Broth Workshop

  • sunrhiza & radicle 394 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn United States (map)

Come learn about the nourishing health benefits of bone broth and how to make a delicious stock with community herbalist, Iliana Hernandez. We will discuss how to further enhance your broth by decocting immune boosting, mineral and nutrient-rich herbs, roots, sea vegetables and mushrooms! In addition to a demonstration, there will be a lecture on the the traditional uses and science of how these herbs work, how to make stocks and soups to target specific health conditions, and how these broths can not only support our immune systems but nourish our hair, skin, and nails, reduce the bodies inflammatory response, overcome food intolerance and allergies, improve joint health, support autoimmune diseases, gut healing and mental health and much more!

Herbal Bone Broth Workshop
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