our vision

Community herbalists are deeply engaged with the people and plants living within the local community and environment. Community herbalism is a heart-centered approach to health & wellness and a grounded practice, weaving the interconnectedness of plants & people. It encompasses the wholeness of life and recognizes that the health of the Earth reflects upon itself. Our health as people also reflects back to the health of the planet.

Community herbalism is immersed in healing practices that promote health of community, ecosystems, society and the Earth through purposeful action and holistic education rooted in sacred wisdom.

Sun Rhiza is an herbalist and musician who lives in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. He is the founder and creator of Sunrhiza, a community herbalism organization rooted in Vitalism and traditional healing arts as well as Radicle, a retail and community herb shop. Sun’s work is a unique combination of Vitalist herbalism, music medicine, earth-centered healing.