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Sunrhiza germinated from the appreciation and honoring of our interconnection between plants, people, the Earth and the wholeness of life. We feel that holistic educational programs grounded in heart-centered teachings and traditional wisdom are vital. Our programs reflect this feeling and focus on personal growth & well-being, community building and education. Our programs hold space in a calm, engaging and healthy learning environment.


Practical HerbalisM: AN Experiential LEARNING program

The Practical Herbalist program has been created by Sunrhiza specifically for students of Herbalism, to complement their herbal education and provide real-world experience. Student will immerse themselves into the practice of herbalism and will have the opportunity to engage with the community, practice their herbalism training in real time, and add to their growing empirical knowledge.

The Practical Herbalist Program will take place at Radicle Herb Shop during business hours, where students will be engaged in their learning practices in a clinical setting. They will have the opportunity to shadow and listen to the herbalist on staff as the herbalist interacts with customers. Students who choose, may engage and interact with customers so they may practice their herbal knowledge and training.

We offer a supportive and bustling environment for students to ask questions and further sharpen their clinical skills. Students will have access to free, ongoing training modules, complementary study references and educational materials, and regular access to over 200 herbs to taste, smell, touch and further engage with plant energetics. Students will also have opportunities to engage in community services such as events and herbal clinics.


Vitalism Series: Herbalist program

In this course series, we will explore Vitalist approaches to herbal medicine, whether you want to be a community herbalist or a clinical practitioner, this program provides the tools, skills, and techniques to learn the holistic and traditional methods of herbal medicine.

Students will be immersed in the study of energetic and traditional healing models from various practices of herbal medicine. This is a hands-on and sensorial experience of herbal studies where students will taste and sample herbs and share their herbal experience among classmates.

Schedule and details coming soon!


“like a swaying pine, with the gentleness of the forest breath” — sun rhiza

Eco-spiritual Awareness program: day trips & retreats into the heart of Nature

We are pleased to offer this opportunity for those who wish to venture out from the busyness of the city and spend meaningful time in Nature. We wish to inspire individuals to connect more deeply with the natural environment, and to bring healing to their inner spiritual self. This experience brings an opportunity to meet people & plants and forge new relationships and bonds.

This program will function to bring awareness to the local ecology. We will partner with the local organizations such as Preservation, Ecologists, etc. to learn about the local ecosystem.

We will provide transportation and travel together in the Sunrhiza Bus. Times may vary and location for departure will be at 394 Atlantic ave in Brooklyn, NY.


Tree FLUTE CIRCLE: rekindling the spiritual heart

Tree flutes soothe the heart. Experiencing flute music and playing the flute is an amazing therapeutic & meditative state that can relax the mood and calm the spirit.

We offer this program for those who wish to learn the basics methods of the Tree flute, to improve upon their flute playing technique, and learn to jam with other instruments. Participants will receive a wide range of techniques for various types of community music gatherings.

We offer private and group lessons in the form of ‘flute circles’. The flute circle is a supportive & participatory environment that nurtures musical growth. We promote a humble approach to flute music, one that allows people with all levels of experience to participate in group music-jamming.

“The flute can transport one to a more relaxed and calm state, especially after playing for 10 minutes or more. This feeling is known as the ‘alpha’ state, a state during which your brain is pulsing at a lower rate than your mental and emotional fluctuations.” — Todd Chaplin

Check out this lovely article on the healing virtues of the native american flute


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